“A seed sown in good soils yields hundred, sixty or thirty times what is sowed.” This is a group which exclusively helps children to learn and know about Christ at a very young age. They are taught the love of Christ and divinity of having a character like him. Childhood is the critical stage and demands more play than study. Our church Sunday school attracts kids towards reading scriptures by enacting them during their class hours. We don’t teach them Christianity as a religion but make them to understand that ‘Creator of the Universe’ is their best friend and give a foundation to rely on him at every moment for rest of their lives.

Our church encourages children to participate in different activities which allow them to make new friends and have ecstatic learning environment. A place for every kid to brush up their talents, develop skills and loving attitude in areas which the regular school often forfeits. They are accommodated into safe and secure place in our church at the care of loving teachers and volunteers.  Children attending the church love the rhythm of music, enacting the songs, games etc., and a total fun-filled experience while training them not only to say ‘Christ is risen’ but ‘We shall also rise!’

Sunday School Timings:

Every Sunday at 9:30 A.M in Church premises

Sunday School Superintendent : Mrs. Mettu Mary Sarala