Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.” I Timothy 4:12


The Youth wing of our Church – The Wesley Youth Fellowship is a close-knit, Christ centred and a group that is rooted in The Word. We meet every Saturday at 7:00 PM for The Word, Worship and Fellowship. We have youngsters from various fields driven with a passion to serve The Lord and a heart for the Church. The past few years have been years of growth of the fellowship in The Word. He has transformed many lives and created a yearning for Him in our hearts. The year, in spite of the fellowship happening online majorly, has been great for learning and deep understanding of The Scriptures.

Under the guidance of our Youth Secretary, Mr. Thammadi Mathew Henry, The Wesley Youth happens every Saturday.

For the first time, in 2019, we conducted a 3-day youth camp – NEW BREED. as many as 150 youngsters attended the camp. In March 2019, we organized the first All girls conference – NOT SO PINK on the occasion of International Women’s Day. The scripture-based conference celebrated the role of women in the Church and in the ministry. God was gracious in allowing us to conduct the camp again in 2020 – ONE NAME. It was a much-needed time together before the entire world shut down due to the pandemic. It was a challenging time for the entire lot to shift online, but we prayerfully had our youth fellowship going on throughout the lockdown via zoom. Many people who could not attend offline fellowship were eager to join it online. We were truly glad to have some of the best resource persons sharing the Word from across the world. In August 2020, we celebrated Friendship Day by conducting a special Youth Fellowship – MITRON. Our first offline event after the lockdown was the Youth Christmas – JOY INN where we joined the congregation in celebrating the birth of Jesus. In January, like the previous two years, we had a three-day conference instead of a camp. With all the uncertainty and fear around and within us, there was one thing we could trust, that God is in control. He who allowed it, even as we go through it, has seen the end. It was only right to name the conference – STANDSTILL. The Bible reference for the conference was taken from Psalm 46:10. True indeed, He is God, when the nations stood still and the Earth fell clam, He is in control. As the cases decreased, we had moved back to offline fellowship in the Months of January, February and March, only to go back to online fellowship from April. The youth were active in helping out with the online VBS both the years. In July 2021, we welcomed our newly appointed Presbyter in Charge and Presbyters. We truly pray that with their encouragement and under their leadership, The Youth Fellowship groups multifield.

Apart from the weekly fellowship, we have Regular Bible studies and small accountable groups. The girls in our fellowship meet regularly and they proudly call themselves – The She Team! They have Bible studies, Sermons specially meant to mould them into Strong, Christian women and direct them to serve the Church and the nation. The Boys too meet regularly for Bible Studies, small groups and accountability. This has indeed helped each one in their spiritual journeys. We have a group of leaders and mentors who are always available for anything – all your doubts, questions, if you want to share something, any advice, learn a skill, have a prayer request, career advices or maybe bond over tea and jokes, we are there. We encourage youngsters to get in touch with these people.

Living in a world that is far from the life God wants us to lead, we become a part of that world. Having a Fellowship gives you an opportunity to meet people and know how gracious The Lord has been in different lives in different ways. It keeps you closer to the Word and does not allow you to become hard hearted like the rest of the world. Wesley Youth Fellowship is more of a family that is together through good and bad. God has been with us and has made our fellowship stronger in Word and in brotherhood. A lot of mentoring, discipleship and nurturing goes on among our young people to raise strong leaders and determined propagators of The Word. The Youth is actively involved in the Sunday School Ministry. We visit the homes of the youth when they are sick and spend some time in prayer and worship.

In the coming days, we look ahead to do many more things for the Glory of God and the expansion of His Kingdom. We request all the parents to encourage your children to attend the Youth Fellowship every Saturday. It will open horizons and give them a scope for spiritual growth. Please uphold the Youth Fellowship in your daily prayers. Be it online or offline, we are the Wesley Youth Fellowship – One Family, One Church.